5/28/24 MVR-27C Application for a Collegiate Insignia License Plate

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
Application for Collegiate Insignia License Plate

Remit a $25.00/$55.00 check or money order with this application.

Select one of the following:
Select one of the following:

When applying for a Personalized Collegiate license plate, the prefix/suffix will be the first/last letters on the plate. This leaves only four (4) spaces for a Personalized message. The four spaces may be a combination of letters and numbers, but cannot be numbers only. Choice cannot conflict with another class of license plates.

The $25.00/$55.00 special fee is an (ANNUAL) fee due in addition to the regular license fee.

Owner Information

Name (To agree with certificate of title)

Vehicle Information

Owner’s Certification of Liability Insurance

I certify for the motor vehicle described above that I have financial responsibility as required by law.